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Projector Projection Lamp Bulbs (CPA Thru DCF,DCH,DDB/DDW)
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Projector Projection Lamp Bulbs (CPA Thru DCF,DCH,DDB/DDW)
Projector Projection Lamp Bulbs (CPA Thru DCF,DCH,DDB/DDW)

Projector Projection Lamp Bulbs (CPA Thru DCF,DCH,DDB/DDW)

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High Quality Vintage Projector Bulbs.Listing is for your choice of bulbs to get your machine up and running again.I will be adding to this list each day until I get to the bottom of my inventory of well over 1000 bulbs.I am adding live inventory, so you can choose the type and in many cases brand of the desired bulb.I believe there will be a limit to the number of variations I can add to one listing, so you may see a range of part numbers in the title like BAk thru CAR, CBA through DAY, etc. So, while all the variations won't fit on one listing, it can probably be organized into two or three listings for your convenience.Please add this to your watch list and visit often as it is a work in progress and will reflect current inventory as well as new additions.Bulbs under $20 ship FREE via First Class parcel with Priority Mail as an option.Orders over $20 upgrade to FREE Priority Mail Postage.Below is a reference guide to replacement bulbs. Please scroll down to find the make and model of your machine ... the proper bulb is listed to the right. It is that easy!!Thank You for Shopping in Taylor's Doghouse and hope to serve you soon! Tara Agfa-Gavaert, Inc. 8mm Movector 2000 EFP Movector 4000 EFR Movex 8, Movector E8 BXT Movector BS, B F9, FT, G, Movector Dual EFM Sonector 8 CXR/CXL Ampro Corp. (Graflex) 8mm A-8 (serial number to 14000) CZX A-8 (serial number over 14000) DDB 16mm A, AD, AS, C, E, F CXK, CXY GK, GS, JD, JS, M, MC, JC CZX, CXK, CXY JA CXK H, K, L, N, R, S, U, KD, KS, NC, UA, UC, YC, UAB DDB, CZX X, Y, XA, XC, YA, YS, COM, YSA DFD, DDB, CZX Century-5, Century-10, Century-10A, Compact, Premiere-10, Premiere-20, Premiere-30, Premiere-40, Paramount-20 DFD, DDB, CZX, #51 (Dial and Threading) Super Stylist-508, -510, -512, Stylist Deluxe-548, -568, DEC, 481, 479 Military DFD, DDB, CZX, #51 (Dial and Threading) Imperial DFD, DDB, CZX, 6S6 (Dial and Threading) Amprosound Repeater CXK Ampromatic 500 CZX, CXY 30A, 30D CXK Sound Lamp L, M, N, U, X, Y, YS, Century-5 BSW S BFT AA, XA, YA, YSA, UA, UAB BSS Century-10, -10A, Premiere-10, -20, Paramount-20 BSS Premiere-30, -40 BFX Compact, Stylist, Stylist Deluxe, 479 Military BRK Super Stylist-508, -510, -512, Stylist Deluxe-548, -568 BRK Antona, Inc. 8mm Antona Image Blend DYY/EGH Apollo 16mm QL-100 ELC, BSS/BSB (sound) Argus, Inc.(seeMansfield) 8mm Argus 356A, 357A DJL 855MV ELE 878, 879, Dual 881, 882 DFG 838, 848, 849 DCH/DJA 833 DFE 844, -P, 877, -ZR DGB 880Z, 890Z, 892Z CXR/CXL LSP510, 894, 895Z, 896B, 898Z EFP 510 Sound EFM Holiday 483A DSW Showmaster 450, 451, 452, 457, 458, 460, 461, 462, 491, 492, 493 DFA, DFG 470, 471, 472, 475, 480, 481 DCA, DEF Super-8 870, 871, 872 DFG Pocket Slide Theater 2110, 2804, 2808, 2810 #81 8mm Editor Argus-767, 7671, 768 BKV Arriflex 16mm Sound Siemans 2000 DDB, DFD, BRK* Siemans 2000 Marc Marc-300/16 (EXM) Atlas Warner Corp. Viewing and Editing Super Screen 66 BLX Super Screen 400, 500 1003 300 BLC 6 X 9 BLX 9 X 9 CBX Audio Visual Corp. 8mm Movie AVCA 910, 915, 925 DFG Audion Corp. 8mm Movie Model 40 DCH/DJA, DCL A-V Sales Corp. 8mm Lytlevision 200 DCA, DEF A.V.E. Corp 16mm Canary EJL, BAK (sound) Baia Engineering Co. Viewing and Editing 2000 Editor (16mm) BLC Ediveiwer(8 and 16mm) BLC Baskon Corp. 8mm Movie Baskon 500, A1 DFA Bauer 8mm Movie T-1S, T-2, T-22 FCR T-3 CXR/CXL T-10L, T-10S BXT T-12, T-12S FCR T-4 DNE TC-20, T-30 Sound, T-40 Sound, TC-50, T-60, T-180, LT-2053 EFR TC-25 Sound, T-520, T-600 EFP T-5, T-15 Sound, T-16 Sound EFN T-171, T-200 EFP T-82, T-171, T-192, TR-100, TR-300 EFP T-502, T-525, T-610 EFR P5-M15 DFT, DFD P6 Automatic 300, P-7T Universal 300 Marc-300/16 P6 Automatic, Synchron/Studio EHJ P-7L, P-7TS, P-7MS EHJ S-1 Autofocus FCS Belland Howell 8mm Movie Filmo- Model 1620, -Z DLE Master 400, G, H, J, K DAR Picture Master 151 (all) DES Regent 122, 127 DAR Filmosound 358-S, 458, 468 DJL 478Z DLD/DFZ Autoload- 266, 266A, 266Y, 363 DEF 245, BA, BAY, PAY, R (over 52511), 248, BAY, 254R, RA, RS, 256 DFN/DFC 346, 356, 357, -Z, 456Z, 456, 457, 458, 461, 462, 457Z, 468Z, 476P, 481 DJL 423 Auto 8, Sound 427 EFR 483 DSW Magnetic 488Z CXR/CXL 489Z EFN 353 DAY/DAK 254, 255, 255A, 255AY DEF Deluxe 466Z, 482, 482Z DLH Super 363 DEF Director Lumina DLS Super 363 DLS Filmosonic 1733, B, 1742, A, Z, 1744Z, 1744BZ, 1745CZ DJL 600Z, 600ZR, 600ZRX DJL DCT, DCR EFP Soundstar XJ EFM Soundstart DJL Lumina II LX20, LX28, LX30, MX33, LX38, MX43, MX45, MX58, MX60, QX95 DLD/DFZ QX80 ELB Movie Cassette 459-Z (to serial 1011100) DJL 459-Z (over serial 1011100) DLH Monterey 221, 253-AR, 253-A (serial to 67796), 253AX (to 91588), 254R (to 52511) CZX/CZY 253-A, (serial over 67796), 253AX (over 91588), 254R (over AN52511) DFA, DFN/DFC 245, 253ZX (over AR25400) 253RX (over S-40535), RV (to AF-75450), 353 (all) DAY/DAK, DAT/DAK Multi-Motion 467, -Z, -ZB, 469Z, 471Z, 1615Z DAY/DAK 254, 255, 255A, 255AY DEF Deluxe 466Z, 482, 482Z DLH Touch 265, 266 DEF Tronic 475 DLS/DLG 370, 380 DEF 16mm Movie Autoload High Intensity 566A, 566X, 566EXT Marc-300/16, BAK (sound) High Intensity 566T, 567 Marc-350/16T, BAK (sound) 1568A, B Gemini-300 (EZG), BAK (sound) B and H 616-D5 DDB, CZX 3575 EYK 2580A, 2582A, 2592A, 2585B, 2592B, 2585A ELC Filmo Auditorium A, C, D, G, H, 130 DHW Diplomat 57V through Z DEJ Diplomat A, AD, B, BD2, 173, B, BA, BAY DFY, DEJ Master 57R, S DAR Showmaster 129 (all) DEJ Statesman 273 (all) DEJ Filmosound 120A DAR 120B through K DEJ 138 (all) DEJ 142 (all) DEJ 156 (all) DFY, DFK, DEJ 1535, 1540, 1541, 1500, 1552, -B, 1574 EMM/EKS 1550L, 1575A, 1590, 2590A BHB (all Models of) 179, 185, 195, 202, 285, 302, 384, 385, 398, 399 DFY, DFK, DEJ Filmosound Specialist 535, -T, -Y, 537, 540, 542, 545, -T, 550, -T, 552, -T, 556, -T, 541, -T, 545EXT DAX, CYS, CTT/DAX 522EXT CWA 561, 562 CAL, CTT, CWA, CZA Filmosound 3885, 3592 ELC JAN 614, CB, CBM, 614CD, 614CE, 614CEM, 614CBRM DHT, DDB, DFT, DFD D-4 DEC, DES TV, 614ETV, 614EVM CXY 1680A, B, C, 1692A, 1693A, 1694A, 1695A, 1698A EMM/EKS 1680G, 1692B, 1693B, 1695B, 1698B ELC Sound Lamp 535, 535Y, 537, 540, 542, 545, 550, 552, 556, 535-T, 541, 541-T, 545-T, 545-EXT, 550-T, 522-T, 552-EXT, 561, 562 BAK Filmosound (all models of) 120, 130, 138, 140, 142, 156, 179 BRD Filmosound (all models of) 185, 202, 285, 302, 384, 385, 398, 399 BRS 1535, 1540, 1541, 1545, 1550, 1552, All 2500 Series BAK JAN 614, CB,CBM, CBRM, CE, CEM, ETV, EVM, D-4 BRX JAN 614CD, CBVM BSL Viewing and Editing Editor 6S6 (100V) Filmotion Viewer 148A BKR Editor 136 A through E 15S11/14 Filmotion Viewer 146A BKR ABR 100 F15T8/N Bencini 8mm P75 Super 8 EFR John Benton, Inc. 8mm Istitor CXR/CXL A. R. Bernard (GAF) 8mm Movie Viceroy I, II, III, IV DAY/DAK, DAT/DAK Crestline CRP II DFP, DCH Viceroy 800, -R, -Z, 801, 802, 803, 811 DFP, DCH Viceroy 804, 806, 904 CXR/CXL Viceroy 813 DGB/DMD Ricoh Auto-8 Trioscope CXR/CXL Ricoh Auto-8P DCA, DEF Ricoh Sound 8 DFA Goldcrest Dual 8 CXR/CXL Bolex 8mm RP-10Z EFP 18-5, Auto, Zoom, Super-8 CXR/CXL 18-9 Duo EFP M-8, M-8R, M-8S CXZ, CXY G8-16 DDB, CZX SM-8 Sound, SP-8 Sound EFP 18-3, SP-80 EFP Multimatic EJA SP8 Special, SP80 Special, SM8 SP-80, SP-80 EFP SM80 Electronic, Promatic EFP 714, 715, 815 EFP 16mm Movie S-211, S-221, S-311, S-321 DFT, DDB, BFX (sound) GB-16, G-16 DDB, CZX, BTD (sound) S-421 EFP Borg Warner 8mm FP3-S FCR Ricoh Auto 88P FCR Ricoh Auto 8P Trioscope CXR/CXL Braun 8mm Norimat S, Proximat EFP Brumberger Sales Corp. 8mm Movie 1500 CEW, CFC 1503 CMV, CLS, CLG Buhl Projector Co. 8mm Movie Buhl 880 Series ELE/ELT 80/14, 80/14-CL, 80/14-LC, 80/14-TC DYS/DYV/BHC, DYR 80/14-1000, 80/14-TC-1000 BRH 80 Series, The Classics DYS/DYV/BHC 90 Series, Te Communicators, The Executive, The Task Master, Presenter's Aid Calvinco (See Moviemite) Camera Specialty Co. 8mm Movie Fenco Dual-8 CXR/CXL Hawk Dual-8 CXR/CXL Canon 8mm Movie Cine P-8 CZX/DAB, CXY Cinestar P8S, P8-Super-8 CXR/CXL S-400 EFM PS-1000 ELB Capitol Projector Corp. 16mm Movie Auto-Test CZX/DAB Drive-in Movie CZX/DAB Porto-Sound CZX/DAB Panama A, Panorama, Peep Show CZX/DAB Test Pilot, Turnpike, Tournament CZX/DAB CBS Laboratores 16mm Movie Astro Color EJL C.E.C. 16mm Movie Astro Color EJL Chinon 8mm Movie 4100, 5100 EFM 6100, 6100Z, 6000, 7500, 7000, 7800, 9000, 9500 DNE DS-300, SP-330, SP-350, 7000MV, 7500MV, 7800M, 9500MV EFP Auto 300 EFP C200, S, SP, C300, Sound 8 EFP SP-330, S-350 EFP SS-1200 EFR 2000GL, Whi
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